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19-01-11, 02:04
Oldie but goodie:

19-01-11, 08:30
A primo find! Please submit that to the news so we can put that out there!

19-01-11, 07:09
This is the stuff that dreams are made off!
I've been trying to find information on Dave Haynie ever since I read he was the chief engineer responsible for the next generation Amiga that never was.

Guys at RGR you need to hunt him down and get an interview (please). He was there until the final days of Commodore. He was designing the 64bit chipset that could have made the Amiga the powerhouse it once was. He lived through the collapse of Commodore and must have quite a few stories to tell.

There's a video that he made of the last days of Commodore, called "The Deatbed Vigil", kind of sentimental, a bunch of laid off people telling stories etc. You can see it HERE (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6995843800661768793#) (Google video)

and again WoW!

19-01-11, 11:09
Guys at RGR you need to hunt him down and get an interview (please).Oh heck, yeah, that'd be great! There are email contacts at c128.org (hint, hint). I got this link from an old episode of the Retrobits podcast which had a 3 part interview with Bil Herd (awesome interview, by the way). He had some hilarious stories.

19-01-11, 11:43
Does Dave Haynie have a brother called Todd who worked at Microsoft?
He is our Facebook fan.