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17-01-11, 06:09
I have lost my soul to a few MMo's over time. I started way back when with Evercrack, and moved on to things like CoH, Champions, and most recently, Dc universe. Each one chips away at my life like sculptor making a marble statue of a fat man in a computer chair.

What MMo's do you, or have you played and what did you think of them?

21-01-11, 01:15
The only MMO I ever played was Final Fantasy 11, because a friend of mine was really, really hardcore into it. In fact, it's how he met his wife. But I started playing after the game was basically dead to anyone but the most hardcore players, so there wasn't a lot for me as a noobie to do since it seems really party-focussed. I don't really care for the 'click-wait' combat - whether it's a real MMO or Diablo - so that's kind of turned me off to a lot of MMOs.

I'm a huge fan of the Conan series, so I was interested in the Conan MMO, but I have a Mac at home and no Mac client for it, so I'm SOL.

To be honest, I got really addicted to Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast and various offline PC RPGs, so I could see myself really getting into an MMO if the right one came along and I gave it the time. That said, I really dislike subscription-based pay models. I want to buy a game and own it. It'd have to be something mind-blowing for me to cough up $10+/month or more for a game. Free to play like D&D online is pretty appealing, but again, no Mac version. ;)

21-01-11, 02:07
How are you liking DC UO? I heard on the recent Bombcast that Jeff Gerstmann hated it. From his description, it didn't sound like much fun.

21-01-11, 07:48
Phantasy Star Online on the Dreamcast for a very limited amount of time when the official servers for it were still up ... but I couldn't do anything more than say I connected to it due to my grandfather being in poor health at the time and the phone line needed to be free just in case.

Anarchy Online for the PC, got bored with that fairly quickly. World of Warcraft lasted even less time than that. That's when I just decided they aren't my thing and just gave up on them. heh

21-01-11, 06:12
So Far, the game shows a level of promise I haven't seen with other MMO's I've played, but suffers from some serious design flaws. The movement and power pool systems are in need of balancing, the hit detection and targeting are spotty at best. The game is sadly still plauged with buggy sound issues, with your sounds sometimes getting muted or lowered at the game's whims.

Also, I've never played a title that took so long to load an instance. I've waited up to an hour for one, which is kinda stupid. Also, Sony Online Entertainment, is known for kind of poor service, and it shows in the game's servers going down at the drop of a hat, sometimes for 3+ hours at a time.

Now, don;t get me wrong, I like playing the game. I'm a hardcore comics nerd so it is right up my alley, but so far everything is in dire need of fine tuning. Not to mention, I kind of hate trolls, and the chat service is troll central. The game does have a lot of work to do to earn its place among bigguns like WoW.
It needs more diversity as far as the power pools too.

You only have a base choice of six. Fire, Ice, Plants, Gadgets, Mental, And Sorcery. That doesn;t leave you a whole lot of re-rolling choices, so its replay value goes down. You get to chose from 10 different combat powers, like single handed, or bows, or guns. However, those are also in need of fixing, as with spotty hit detection, your primary way of dealing damage sometimes whiffs off into nothingness.

I recommend to anyone thinking of getting this, to wait. Give it three months or so, and then try. It might be better by then. Right now, it will frustrate you to no end.

22-01-11, 12:09
I played FF 11 for several years after it first came out. I even beta tested the PS2 version. It was fun in the beginning, but once new players slowed down in joining, it lost some appeal for me. PSO I played to death, even bought the braodband adapter for my DC when high speed hit our area. I got into it again on the Xbox. I wish that a PSO like game would make a big comeback (and PSU was not it).