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14-01-11, 03:37
Hola, been listening since May and just joined the forum! Love the podcast, and I actually submitted a couple of random news things while ago.

I started out my video gaming adventures on a Mattel Aquarius, moved on to the Vic20, Eletron, BBC Micro... and then discovered that there was this thing called a Sega Master System with cartridges that just loaded instantly! Found one second hand with a load of games, think this was back in the late 80s.

Also did the PC gaming thing along side all of this, since we always had a PC in the house, so went through most the Sierra games from Space Quest 1 onwards, Monkey Island, Zak McKrakken etc..

Anyway, that's a little bit about me :-)

Great days!

14-01-11, 03:50
Hey Aidy,

Welcome to the forums. Glad you decided to join and I hope you stick around :SONRUN:

15-01-11, 01:52
Hi Aidy, welcome to the group.

07-02-11, 01:16
Hi Aidy, pleased to meet another body from the Southern Hemisphere!