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13-01-11, 11:13
If I plug a PS3 Controller into my PC will it work as a controller?

Will it work for new games or emulators too?

Do I need some homebrew driver or will it just work?

13-01-11, 11:32
I would invoke LMGTFY (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Use+ps3+controller+on+PC&l=1), but I'm not a jerk, LOL*.

I don't own a PS3 myself so I'm not sure, but this article tells you how to do it.


* Maybe I am a jerk after all.

14-01-11, 12:03
Thanks Flare.

14-01-11, 01:01
I use it on my Mac for emulators, so I have no doubt there must be a PC driver out there.

14-01-11, 10:58
WOW! 32 for a PS3 Controller? Don't think so.

Luckily I have a USB convertor for my PS1 controllers and N64 Controllers. Also I found a PSP app that lets me use my PSP as a PC controller.

14-01-11, 11:34
Yeah I used the PS3 controller on the PC for the likes of Robotron etc. Works pretty well, but I found the PS1/2 pads with the USB adapter a lot easier - we used the same setup in all the games studios I have worked for to test development builds on the PC.

15-01-11, 08:23
By the way if you want to do this on Vista, I found MotionJoy to be the best solution: