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11-01-11, 03:57
I stumbled upon the http://www.retrobits.com podcast and it's awesome. Definitely worth checking out - episodes range from a 3 part series on the Apple 2 to a show all about the PDP-8. They cover a lot of ground.

11-01-11, 09:22
Yeah, this is a GREAT podcast to listen to if you're into retro computing. And the style is almost like you're sitting there with the guy with whatever he's talking about sitting there on a table and he's just telling you about it. lol

I think they could be a bit longer, he seems to rush a little bit getting the information he wants in sometimes, and he does some of that stuff that's like nails on a chalkboard for me ("dub dub dub" instead of just saying "www" or just leaving that part out entirely. "online interactive discussion forum" ... uugh)

Another great one is Retro MacCast. They do a similar thing where they just pick out an older Apple product and talk about it, and they've got collections themselves of these things. The eBay part seems to suck out a lot of time that could be spent talking about the machines or products themselves, but they do find some just oddball shit on there sometimes. lol

11-01-11, 11:44
I'm sure we've mentioned it in the past on the show, in fact I know I have, I've listened to every episode and Earl now seems to be getting back to a more regular schedule again.

26-01-11, 11:48
Retrobits is a pretty good podcast. Listening to the host's voice is quite calming in a weird way. But more importantly, he provides great info each show.

28-01-11, 04:11
The retro computing round table is also good. Earl was on there at least once. I think that mac cast guy is too. Well he's from some kind of retro mac podcast. I'm subscribed through a pod-catcher on my android phone. I believe it's on itunes as well. It's a fairly new podcast only 5 episodes so far. Each podcast is an hour long.

28-01-11, 11:10
+1 on that, good show!