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08-01-11, 02:16
Well, having a rather dull / slow week at work and having finally finished listening to Decembers RGR (I know, sorry!) I decided it was the perfect time to fire up the Apple II emulator and Oregon Trail. Just played right through... very very cool game indeed! I wonder how I missed it back in the day... was it an Apple II only release? (If so, that would explain why!)

08-01-11, 12:51
Ha, I played it at work in the run up to Xmas on Apple 2 and it is truly amazing. It was also available on C64 but I've never found the r0m for it anywhere. It was on DOS too but the download links I've found for that are dead.

There is a quite recent mobile phone version and I have that but I haven't tried it yet.

08-01-11, 01:31
it's on the iphone and dead cheap but don't know if it's any good.

10-01-11, 02:35
There are also versions of Oregon Trail that you can play for free on the Web. Here are two that have retro graphics but modern themes:

Thule Trail (http://www.thuleroadtrip.com/thule_trail/thuleTrail.html)

Organ Trail (http://hatsproductions.com/organtrail.html)

10-01-11, 04:16
Submit those links to the news, great finds! I am checking out the Oregon trail right now. The Oregon trail with Zombies that is...

10-01-11, 07:35
Ha, I played it at work in the run up to Xmas on Apple 2 and it is truly amazing.

Yes I thought I'd heard of a C64 release.
You played it on REAL hardware? That must have been well cool I have an Apple II up in the attic back in the UK that I never fired up yet... I guess I need to find some discs. I don't know anything about the machine never having owned one originally... I guess I need an OS disc and the game disc right? Or is the OS on board?

10-01-11, 08:24
You played it on REAL hardware?

Aah, no I meant emulator.

10-01-11, 08:26
Most Apple II commercial products come on bootable disks.