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03-01-11, 09:55
I love contests sometimes.

I just won an X-Box 360 Slim, the 4GB model that comes with a Kinect. Now, I'm actually a former 360 owner, but after my third console died I said to hell with it and went with PS3. I'm assuming many problems the original had are fixed with the Slim (hoping, at least). They shipped the unit to me, so in the meantime I went to a friends house who had one and voila, my old account (with the online arcade games I bought) is still alive and well (I'm Leathco for whomever feels the need to add me.)

So I decided to keep it rather than resell it, since my old online games can be reput on the new console. I used to play the hell out of Halo 1 and 2, so I'll obviously be picking up 3, ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo Reach, as well as rebuying 1 and 2 (sold my games off with the system). I own a PS3, so a lot of the multiplatform biggies like GTA4, Res Evil 5, Red Alert 2, Bioshock and whatnot I already have on it. So, what EXCLUSIVES for the 360 are must-haves? I saw a thread that had a Magic the Gathering game, which I love the card game so I'll be picking that one up for sure. What else should I get? Anything good for the Kinect yet? (maybe the sports game).

04-01-11, 01:32
I enjoyed Mass Effect 1 & 2 which are probably dirt cheap. Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey. If you aren't an RPG fan then Alan Wake, Death Smiles.

I've only played Kinect Sports, and meh. Just seems like demoware. The Kinect sometimes works really well, and is sometimes really janky for unkown reasons. YMMV

04-01-11, 08:10
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
Gears of War 1 and 2
Magic : The Gathering is multiplatform (360, PS3, PC) and while it works well on the consoles, I'd pick it for the PS3.
Final Fight : Double Impact on XBLA ... yeah it's also for the PS3, but there are also restrictions on how many times you can install it. So yeah, 360.
Deadly Premonition
Decimation X 1 and 3 (DecX 2 was on Windows mobile) in the indie games
Any of the RadianGames games in the indie games

04-01-11, 03:04
Get the best games of 2010:

Red Dead Redemption
Halo: Reach
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Alan Wake
Mass Effect 2

And you can't go wrong with these XBLA choices:

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
Comic Jumper

04-01-11, 05:01
Oh, and Perfect Dark on XBLA. Constant 60 frames per second instead of it jumping all over the place from about 5 to 20, and like I've said before, if you want it to look like the old N64 version, just spit on your screen and smear it around.

TMNT arcade is good, X-Men Arcade is good (even though it's better on the PS3 purely for "on the couch" multiplayer. 4 local on the 360, 6 on the PS3), get Outrun while you still can because they're going to be losing the license and not going to be selling it. Though I can't remember when the license is up, I'm THINKING it's next year.

Nate Nickels
06-01-11, 10:42
Perfect Dark only supports 4 players even with bots so it is kind of a step back from being able to play against 8 bots on the n64 version.

06-01-11, 11:03
Perfect Dark only supports 4 players even with bots so it is kind of a step back from being able to play against 8 bots on the n64 version.

Yeah, but then again the horrible frame rate and blurry/muddy graphics made it near impossible for me and my group to ever REALLY play. When it came time to play a game like that, rather than waste time with the N64 we'd just run our PCs through a LAN and play some Q3A or Unreal Tournament just so we could actually PLAY a shooter and not have to fight with it. heh

So yeah ... I'll take the tradeoff. :P

11-01-11, 07:17
X-box live has a real cornucopia of interesting titles. If you like the card games, The Magic The gathering on there is something I frequent myself, Doritos crash course is a hell of a lot of fun for a free game. Castelvania- SOTN, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, and TNMT- Turtles in time are some great oldies In My book. Also if your a platformer fan, the new releases of Sonic 4- Episode 1, and the new Megaman games are really good. Also, check out some of the indie titles, as they can be really quirky. As far as software titles are concerned, I'd for sure go with the New Castlevania title, Lords of Shadow, as well as Halo Reach and Bioshock 1 & 2.

If your looking for some Xbox Live people, hit me up!

11-01-11, 08:53
Check out a forgotten gem: Kameo. It's a kind of Action/Adventure from Rare and since it was one of the launch titles you'll be able to find it pretty cheap.

14-01-11, 02:00
Yeah, i had forgotten about that one too. It is a really great game, though its made for a younger audience, ala spyro. If your into fighting games go for Soul Caliber 3, Blazblue, and the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom 3, which looks amazing.

10-02-11, 02:33
It came in a few days ago. I went out and picked up a Play n Charge kit, ordered a 250 HDD for it from overseas (only 50 bucks), and downloaded my old games that I had before I sold my old one. So, if anyone wants to hit me up on there, my GamerTag is Leathco.

10-02-11, 04:12
My recommendation is to get an XBox Live Gold membership and a bunch of Microsoft points. If you like fun action RPGs that are more action than RPG then Castle Crashers and Borderlands are faaaaaantastic.

11-02-11, 06:10
I'll 2nd Blue Dragon - kind of a sleeper and a really nice game if you like RPGs. You can get ME2 for PS3 now and there are some improvements, but if you want to take a character from ME1 into it, you'll need to play it on the 360 (or PC).

Viva Pinata is for a younger audience, but its got some deep and interesting gameplay.

17-02-11, 03:03
Just picked up Magic The Gathering, great fun game.

26-10-11, 05:34
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26-10-11, 05:44
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26-10-11, 07:22
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02-11-11, 01:42
Crackdown (first one)
Tried the new After Burner yet? I think there's a demo of it.