View Full Version : Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

03-01-11, 04:09

Okay, the score honestly isn't all that great, but check out the amount of points I got purely from eating the ghosts. I'm not good enough at the game to do that shit on purpose. :P

Right now for my 5 minute Championship II run, as of this point right now, my score is 1,646,900 and I'm in 1,316 out of 48,000.

And for the 10 minute Championship II run my highest score is 2,870,280 and I'm in 940 out of 48,000.

03-01-11, 07:19
That game is hella addictive, isn't it?

I got a new personal best on the 5min Championship II run the other night (1,799,200), which I believe puts me in the 700's. I was ranked as high as 515 with my previous score, but then Christmas happened and I got bumped down 200 or so.