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30-12-10, 01:39
Check this out. I'm such a dumbass.

I have an Xbox 360 with no HDD (bought it used like that). I connected a 2GB thumb drive to create my profile and for game saves).

Later on, I found out I could connect an IDE HDD in an enclosure via USB. So I thought I would discontinue the use of the thumb drive.

I transferred my profile from the thumbdrive to the Hard Drive, completely forgetting that game saves were separate from it. I then formatted the thumb drive. Days later I attempted to play Red Dead Redemption, a game that I was a couple of missions from finishing the story. I am then in shock as the game tells me there are no game saves and asked me if I wanted to create one. At that moment I realized all of my gamesaves were on the now formatted thumb drive.

I haven't done anything to the thumb drive, so I'm going to attempt an "unformat", not sure if thatís going to work.
So this is a long, long shot, but Iíll ask anyway. Any of you know if by any chance, the gamesaves are saved online, on the Xbox Live servers or something? All of my achievements are registered. Is there a way I could recover my save point from the Microsoft servers? Iím thinking not, but who knows.

Any help?

30-12-10, 07:11
Sorry, but definately not. Just your achievos, gamerscore, and profile data are backed up on the M$ end.

All I can say is ouch, sorry Flare.

30-12-10, 05:47
I'm trying something called EASUS Data Recovery on the thumb drive. It found a deleted folder called "Xbox360" and inside it there are four files:


They add up to 1.86 GB, the available size of the drive itself.

Maybe I can now format the thumbdrive on the Xbox again and then I can copy these files? We'll see.

30-12-10, 05:47
Oh.My.God. It worked.

I configured the thumbdrive again, then replaced the Data files with the ones I recovered. Everything is there, intact.

I am thanking God at this moment! I'm so happy!

Now to finish Red Dead Redemption :D

30-12-10, 06:01
Thanks for posting this - If I ever encounter the same problem, I'll try to repeat what you've done here.

30-12-10, 06:26
I notice when I reconfigured the thumb drive, the same "Data" files got created inside an Xbox360 folder. They added up to 1.86GB and the individual files had the exact same size as the ones I recovered.

I guess the console creates these files with a "fixed" size regardless.

31-12-10, 01:04
Very nice. Hopefully this is a tip I never need.