View Full Version : Video Game Video - 1982 - Netherlands

28-12-10, 04:01
Came across this video on KLOV and wanted to let you all know about it. Pretty good!


05-02-11, 03:09
It's amazing how clueless the interviewer was about video games at the time. Did you read the subtitles when he was interviewing the kids playing Pacman?

"You are that 'piece of cheese' eating the dots?"

05-02-11, 03:26
Reminds me of this:


05-02-11, 05:18
Reminds me of this:

It certainly does...

As hard as they were trying to wrap their heads around the concept of the Internet, at least they pronounced it "Internet" and not "Interweb" as it came to be years later.

05-02-11, 07:51
In 1994 (I was 12 at the time) the internet was, for me ... kinda like a bulletin board ... which in all honesty at THAT time it wasn't much more than that ... looking back on it now the BBS system at that time were still better. Just not as pretty (even with the RIP style boards that I never really even experienced because the sysops around here just didn't care about it) ... I treated it much the same way if I had multi-node BBS systems at the time. BBS's ran a single node around here, were very small. Constantly had to wait through busy signals and had about a half an hour time limit a day. heh Rather than talking to people through the boards and waiting on a reply, I talked to them in real time. Kind of.

I do remember grasping the notion of email though. I don't remember my ISP's email login shit at the time ... but I knew it was my username AT this place. Mostly because one of the BBS's I connected to at the time had support for internet email. I could connect to this BBS and send emails out to people on Compuserve and AOL and whatnot.

I guess I "got" the internet because I was so young getting into it. People like me of that particular generation who were nerdy enough ... and the older folks as well ... were more easily able to grasp it and evolve with it.

And "interweb" still sounds fucking retarded to me. :P Sounds like a 4chan thing. "TEH INTERWEBS!!1"