View Full Version : "Special when lit" pinball documentary

27-12-10, 12:58
Has anyone here seen "Special when lit" a pinball documentary?


27-12-10, 03:05
I am interested in seeing it... but less so than when it was first announced. I hear they make the pin community look bad, without redeeming qualities like the king of kong at least did.

27-12-10, 04:58
What have you heard?

28-12-10, 02:01
This one was shown locally last year, but I missed it. I don't know if I will buy, but will definately check it out from Netflix.

28-12-10, 06:17
I hear it's got a 31/01/11 iTunes release.

Interested in how it paints the community in a bad light...tell us more...

28-12-10, 07:29
Pre-order placed, I will let you lads know how it plays out.

30-12-10, 08:20
From what I heard from others (only) it makes us pinheads seem like a bunch of crackpots and whack jobs... hopefully thats not the case. I mean, we are all whack jobs in our own way, but at least in king of kong its cool to be nuts. I will still check it out of course.... lots of the people in the trailers i have seen around at shows, will be interesting regardless.