View Full Version : Modding a Hori Real Arcade Pro EX arcade stick with Happ stick and buttons.

27-12-10, 02:42
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/hs015.snc6/166511_1684531906128_1022533517_31848944_2952601_n .jpg

My hot and sexy wife bought this for me for X-Mas. I've heard that it's pretty easy to mode this with more "professional" buttons and sticks. I'd like to put a sqaure gate on it so I can play pac man.

Anyone got any links to how -to guides for modding one of these babies?

27-12-10, 10:07
I have the same exact stick, and I bought it specifically for the reason, that from my research 2 years ago, Hori had basically made this a plug and play for button replacement. I think I have links on my laptop? Let me check, I need to mod mine, the buttons are junk in my opinion :( I'll look in the morning

27-12-10, 12:11
You don't need to put a physical gate in, get a joystick that is 4/8 way switchable, but it doesn't look deep enough for the ones I've seen.

27-12-10, 11:21
Same here the depth worries me. Can you measure from the surface to the bottom (remove a button) as well as the diameter of the hole.

06-01-11, 08:02
Have you opened it up and looked at it yet? I popped open my Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro EX-SE and was surprised to find that it already had a restrictor plate on the joystick, but it was set to 8 way. I simply flipped it to 4 way and I was good to go.

07-01-11, 06:46
I've been negligent on this thread! Sorry gang! I also got a new web cam with sweet GERMAN OPTICS!!! so I'm planning on filming it if I crack it open. Look for more this Saturday.

07-01-11, 09:17
Heh, you've been lax around here period. Leave your new wife alone for 5 minutes will ya? LOL.