View Full Version : Can you help identify this 80s arcade game?

22-12-10, 10:04
In the early 80s I went to Blackpool with the youth club I was part of. There I played a driving game. It had a big loose-feeling wheel and consisted of rather simple driving graphics, a bit like Sprint, but where the circuit consisted of L shaped lanes in each corner, with no walls at the centre of each edge. The trick to playing was choosing the right lane so as to avoid hitting A.I. cars driving in the other direction. Choosing the lanes was rather difficult, as if you chose too early, the A.I.s moved to block you. Choose too late, and there was not enough time to change lanes. I have tried to find this online - remember, I am working from memory here! - but not found it. Any ideas?

23-12-10, 12:33
It's Fast lane. There was a port of it on the 2600 but the name slips my mind.

it was featured in It Came From MAME in this show


23-12-10, 12:38
It's Fast lane. There was a port of it on the 2600 but the name slips my mind.

Bloody good show!

25-12-10, 03:13
I trawled through my memory and came up with Crash as the title - we're talking 30 years ago! - and then on mameworld, looking at legal roms :-) I saw this:

http://mamedev.org/roms/crash/ This is definitely the game I was thinking of! However, I am grateful for your response, as it somehow triggered my brain cells :-)

Fast Lane isn't the same game, as it was released in 87, a few years after my trip to Blackpool, but definitely appears to have the same gameplay, but ruined by the "glitz" and the powerups. I prefer Crash as a name and a game, because its simplicity was enough. As it's legal and on Mame, I think everyone should compare the two. However, the "loose" feel of the really big driving wheel makes it for me, rather like a bus driver's wheel but where the bus is full of Helium; not sure if that makes sense, but hey it's my 30 year old memory.

25-12-10, 03:17
Which of course is a puzzle, as all the stuff I am reading about Crash say it had a joystick...
Hmm... is my 30 year old memory wrong, or was there a different cab version, with a wheel?

25-12-10, 06:48
Puzzle solved! This was Blackpool and a rather large arcade just off the funfair. I sat down with a cup of really HOT tea, and walked myself through the memory. The game with the driving wheel was a Sprint (a.k.a. Sprint 1 http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9738 ). I was getting the two games mixed up, controls wise. However, it IS Crash that I was trying to source, because it was very similar to a game that one of my students submitted to me as an assignment. Strange how the brain works.