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20-12-10, 10:50
I had an older brother and I would play 2600 games with him and his best friend. The friend had a way to pirate 2600 games that I still don't understand, but as a result, I got my first experience with classics like Space Invaders, Pac Man, Asteroids and Missile Command on the 2600.

Since I was just as vulnerable as any 5-7 year old to the Chuck-E-Cheese phenomenon, I got sucked into the arcade as soon as I could reach the controls. Glowing, hypnotic images of Dirk the Daring later brought me back into the arcades of Virginia Beach's malls when the newest game was a whopping 75 cents and my parents usually refused to pay.

I whiled away the desperate months after the video game crash with my C64 which was the first computer that I (eventually) had in my own room. Years passed, and I only had inklings through friends of how great the mythical Amiga was. . . I did opt for a NES eventually, but as I got older and was distracted with things like basketball practice, school plays, and AP government tests, I found myself going back to the great games of the 64 - It was still hooked up when I left for college.

I took a break from gaming and was brought back to it (again by my brother) with the advent of 3d exploration and the pointy boobs of Lara Croft. The 'Playstation Era' lasted quite a long time for me and everything after that is not really retro gaming IMO.

I found 'The Roundup' while browsing the forums on GP32x.com. The Wiz has reinvigorated my love for classic gaming. (You should buy one - they advertise it on this site.)

I love the show and I love the website. Just when I think there won't be anything left to talk about, you find another topic that really engages and teaches me about classic gaming. Thanks for all the hard work put into the website and the show.

I'll add a personal top games list here as that seems like a good way to get some rep. These are not in order but are listed chronologically.

Pitfall 2600
Pirates! C64
Superstar Ice Hockey C64
The Legend of Zelda NES
Wing Commander PC
Tomb Raider PS1
Resident Evil PS1
Madden NFL 200x PS1
God of War PS2
Mass Effect 360

21-12-10, 01:13
I think you're in the right place for people to share your compulsion.

Welcome to the forums.

I know Scott has a GP2X but I'm not sure if SoCal does or not but others here have one too.

21-12-10, 05:05
BTW - I currently live in Dallas

18-08-11, 03:31
Pirates C64 was totally awesome, and Wing commander was really fun too, I like the later ones they had with Mark Hamil too. Welcome to the forum!