View Full Version : Tennis for Two rebuilt accurately this time

16-12-10, 12:34
Looks like some engineers are going to rebuild Willy Higgenbotham's Tennis for Two with all authentic parts this time....

I've got the schematics but never tried building the thing. Is it really such a tough circuit?
(pardon the pimping of my site link)

I just never bothered making it because I don't have an oscilloscope around to play it on, but according to the Wired article you really need a "later-model Donner computer" to make it authentic.

Well I hope they complete it ... in fact they would easily get my money if they offered to sell built units.

16-12-10, 09:26
Maybe Scott will build one and put a RGRUp sticker on it.

16-12-10, 07:58
He has one customer in line right now with my VISA card standing by!

16-12-10, 08:35
What you have to take into account is that those schematics are not the whole game, that is simply an additional circuit that connects to an analog computer, the other diagram is how to configure the computer. And calling it a computer is a bit sketchy, it was more of a general purpose lab instrument. If you really want to build an authentic tennis for two then start hunting that computer.

But, what some enterprising person should do is create the computer on a FPGA for less than $10 and then provide the schematics, or maybe a parts kit as well, to the buyer to build their own. With the whole world having upgraded to either PC based Oscopes or nice flatscreen model the old CRT types that sold for a few thousand are down to $100~200.

Oh, and that analog computer looks similar to this: http://www.piercefuller.com/library/img00056.jpg?kind=web