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08-12-10, 03:45
Wow - I totally posted my introduction in the wrong subforum. What you get is an exact copy of what I wrote earlier. Man, I just love that the first thing I do here is spam. Enjoy!

Hey there,

thought I'd introduce myself before starting posting!

I'm a 27 year old Game Designer from Germany, started playing on a neighbors c64 around '89. Although I am somewhat of a Sega Fanboy, the first console that my parents bought me was a Game Boy. A friend of mine introduced me to the Mega Drive (or Genesis for you Americans) a few years later. My mind was blown. To this day I consider the 16-Bit era and the Mega Drive in particular to be the golden age of gaming. Some of my favorite games stem from that time (Flashback, Toejam & Earl, Sonic, Road Rash, and so on). Since my parents wouldn't drop too much cash on videogames I got an Master System II by '92 I think. Although I realized it wasn't a 16-Bit machine I still got some enjoyment out of it (Alex Kidd, Land of Illusion, 8-Bit Sonics).

After the 32X my gaming mainly happened on computers. By then I had gotten an Amiga which was given to me by my Uncle. The Amiga was a more than decent gaming machine which allowed me to play 16-Bit style games which was all I wanted, plus I got to know the classic adventures. In '95/'96 my mother got an Apple PowerPC which was soon my primary gaming machine. I loved the FMV Wing Commanders, Sim City 2000 and the 3rd Generation Lucas Arts Adventures (Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max).

In '98 I got my very own PC which was my Deus Ex machine basically. At that time my gaming was at an all time low (simply because I had other things to do at 15-19). But after a slump, I picked back up on gaming around 2003 - today I own all current consoles, am a Game Designer and started collecting all Sega machines.

08-12-10, 04:05
Nice, welcome! I lived in Darmstadt and north of Kaiserslautern during the early to mid 1990's and my grandparents are from Munchiberg (sud Berlin). Feel free to bring in the massive Commodore and Amiga scene in De during the 80's and 90's, or anything else you experienced. Wo kommen sie aus? Entschuldigen Sie meine schlechte Deutsche. Ich habe niemand zu sprechen mit heute.

08-12-10, 09:18
Love your german! Thanks for the warm welcome. I am currently living and working in Berlin as a Game Designer. I was born in Bielefeld, though. A mid-size city in western germany. And yes, there was a big Commodore craze here in the late 80s / early 90s. I remember myself playing ridiculous amounts of (back then pirated) games on both the Amiga and the C64. There were a lot of "WiSims" in circulation around that time, WiSim standing for Wirtschaftssimulation which means simulated economy basically. Hotel Manager, Bundesliga Manager (Soccer Manager, basically), Der Patrizier (The Patrician) and other very, very german games. There was also a Mario knockoff on the Commodores named "Giana Sisters" which gained some notoriety, even internationally, because it was so blatant. In a twist of fate, almost 20 years later I had the pleasure to work under Armin Gessert which was the creator of "Giana Sisters" when I started working in Game Design. Sadly, he passed away almost a year ago I think.

09-12-10, 03:57
Welcome aboard. It's always nice to see another Sega fan here. Although I am more of a Master System fan I had a great time with the 16-bit RPGs on the Genesis.

07-02-11, 01:15
Pleased to meet you! I've only recently discovered the goodness that was the Megadrive and Master System. After getting hooked on a Dreamcast in 2008, I've been sampling the delights of Sega's older systems as well. Real quality to be found! I was Bielefeld back in 1994, visiting a friend of mine. First time I saw an Amiga 1200 was at a mall there :)