View Full Version : Name this game!

08-12-10, 05:09
I had a few listeners over at the house for my latest arcade party and one asked me about a game that I swear I knew what it was. But after searching through MAME and my memory I know what he is talking about exists but I can't come up with the title. So I figured I should throw it here and see if someone can come up with the title.

It is a space/flying shooter similar to Galaga or Galaxian.

A central theme is that you are adding components to your craft like bigger boosters or wings etc. to make it more powerful.

08-12-10, 10:05
Star Force?

14-12-10, 06:01
Moon Cresta? Start at 1:40...

23-12-10, 03:51
Alcon uses that game mechanic, but it's not based in space. Geez, a blue zillion games do that..haha..

24-12-10, 04:17
Moon Cresta is the first to come to my mind as well.