View Full Version : National Pinball Museum now open in D.C. 14,000 sq ft of pinball

05-12-10, 09:27
Another great reason to get down to MAGFEST in Jan. Just as we take a side trip to the pinball hall of fame at CGE, you can take a trip to the national pinball museum while at the expo. I will be getting down there to do a walk through and interview for the next HWFB. For once some really cool pinball / classic gaming museum that is near me instead of the other side of the country.


06-12-10, 06:16
Have you been there yet Scott? Is there a list of games (dont see it on website) or would you know what era of games they have here? (mostly EM or SS+ stuff??) Any B or A titles from the 90's?

06-12-10, 06:29
There will be a HWFB covering each one of those and many more questions in Dec.

13-12-10, 09:05
Oooo nice. The wife and I go to DC regularly so this'll give me another way to pass the time beyond going to the Smithsonian yet again.
Looking forward to hearing what you have to say about it Scott. There's a great pub on Wisconsin, just around the corner from that mall too...

13-12-10, 09:15
Capital Ale house? Taproom? I go into DC as seldom as I can get away with.