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02-12-10, 02:32
My wife surprised me with an early xmas present.


Its just the cabinet, no monitor/boards, she noticed that i was following it on ebay. I wanted something that I could learn on and get build up my knowledge. (i tend to have to do something, rather than read it). Ideally I would like to restore an 80s original, but first things first. Get playing with this one.
Currently thinking of setting up Mame, but still in the thinking phase.
I did try running Mame on a crt and lcd from the same source and as many said before, crt just seemed right. So I am thinking of going arcade monitor route for screen.

02-12-10, 02:42
That looks like a perfect start for a MAME machine. I am glad to see your taking the plunge and doing it. Let us know if you need help.

02-12-10, 03:11
Nice present.

I think you will have to go the arcade monitor route as it does not look deep enough to take a huge CRT monitor. I have a 21" doing nothing here but the back of it disappears over the horizon it is so long.

02-12-10, 03:15
Currently still getting through the backlog of RG Roundup shows, currently up to show19 and really enjoying them. 'Pinball Wizards' section is awesome, finding it interesting and picking up some tips for general electronics and fault finding (using multi meter etc).
Bigs thanks already to you all for the information and knowledge I have already gotten from your shows and board. Also preparing myself for the show when Mike talks about Yorkshire(british hour), should be interesting :)

02-12-10, 03:50
Nice present.

I think you will have to go the arcade monitor route as it does not look deep enough to take a huge CRT monitor. I have a 21" doing nothing here but the back of it disappears over the horizon it is so long.

The guy said it needed a 26inch arcade monitor, and I saw one of ebay for 99. Currently trying to get my head around if I need a video card or use something like 'soft-15khz', as I wpuld like it to look authentic, however still not quite understand all the contraints in going this route.
Got the cab for 26

02-12-10, 04:32
The basic constraint is that arcade montors of standard resolution cannot display the output of a VGA card and can be damaged by them. Many modern VGA cards cannot produce the output an arcade monitor needs. So if you run an arcade monitor with a PC say using MAME you need a special card (http://www.ultimarc.com/avgainf.html). There are various other ways to do this, a circuit blocking higher sync rates so that the monitor does not display anything until the computer boots and goes to arcade resolution if you have a VGA card that can display that res. For a beginner or someone that just wants it to work and for setup to be easy just get the arcadeVga card. When I did my latest MAME machine I used one because I didn't want to fiddle, I wanted to set and forget. The alternative is to go all VGA, use your MAME pc's stock card connected to a LCD with VGA input or a CRT that can handle VGA inputs.

As far as the monitor fitment issue goes, UK is right hey can be very deep, but if the cab was designed for it you should be OK. Worse case if it is 2 or 3 inches too long you can always cut a port and cover it (think of that extra bumpout on a CRT TV).

04-12-10, 09:13
thanks for info,
Gonna go the route of an arcade monitor, as lcd just doesnt look right imo and would rather wait until I can source an arcade monitor at the right price. Just fixing up the cab and getting the peices I need. Thinking that I might go Jamma and use a JPac to connect to pc, so that I can switch to Jamma if I want to. As I need to make this cab as multifunction as posible as not much room in home currently for another

04-12-10, 12:54
I see you're on the Jamma+ forums. That place is great for picking up the parts you need.

04-12-10, 01:09
I see you're on the Jamma+ forums. That place is great for picking up the parts you need.

yeah, Jamma+ is pretty cool and hopeful thatt I may have a monitor sorted soonish. I signed up following your suggestion in another thread. Did a call back to RetroGaming RoundUp on my intro thread.
One of the positives of this crap weather, and being snowbound is that I have had time to catch up on some needed reading.

30-12-10, 11:19
Managed to get in a few hrs on the cab
Setup & Installed PC, setup Jpac, installed new sound system (using the speakers already installed in cab), fixed the control panel, removed a metal rod which ran across the cab and made the wood fixings stonger so that i didnt need the rod (fingers crossed it works), installed new lock.

Currently to try it out I am using a CRT PC Monitor in the cab, this is just temp as I have an arcade monitor and powersupply arriving late January. Looks temp, but still allowing me to play around with it.

Some of the things i want to do
- Install arcade monitor
- Install new joysticks and buttons
- Sort out a better solution for powering the system on/off
- Install a powersupply and get a jamma pcb to try it out
- Decide on a front end for mame
- BUT THE FIRST THING, is to setup something to back up the save state files, so i have backups of the highscores. ( i lost my wifes Wonderbot score, she was gutted)
- Understand more about shmupmame, work out a way to use that when needed.
- lots more tlc on the cabinet itself and deffo new Marquee. really tidy it all up (its weird but something inside me wants to not replace/tidy up to much of the outer shell, as I want it to look like it is from years past) I still unsure if I make it just generic in look, or try and style it from the base of a game/company?? currently generic.
- maybe new cp, just missing not using a trackball. But unsure as i usually prefer things not to look so busy.
- play LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of cool games ;)

good timess

31-12-10, 12:10
What you can do is remove the case from that PC monitor and you will find a metal ring around the tubes with tabs that is nearly identical to an arcade monitor in layout. You can then mount the monitor in a frame intended to an arcade monitor as it will be a bare tube, a stock bezel will mate right up to it and physically it is impossible to distinguish from an arcade monitor. In terms of video it looks so much more natural than a LCD, but still has a "cleaner" appearance than an arcade monitor. What it means is that you use a free 19" PC monitor rather than buying an arcade monitor and special ArcadeVGA card, a savings of $200~300. It means you won't be able to plug in jamma boards but you will have the vast majority of them in MAME anyway.

As for powering on and off, you can put it all on a powerstrip/splitter and put a toe switch next to the cab (that is what I do every 4 machines or so).

Good call on the cab speaker, an amp harvested from a cheap PC speaker set is perfect for powering that in cab speaker.

31-12-10, 12:15
Oh, forgot to mention, it looks like you have a relatively "flat" crt, swap that with someone who has a rounder CRT, the cheaper and sloppier the more authentic it will look in the cab.

31-12-10, 01:58
What you can do is remove the case from that PC monitor
Thanks for the feedback, I managed to get a really good deal for the arcade monitor (price wise) and its alot bigger than this pc monitor. So thankfully not costing an arm or a leg at the moment. I already have a Arcade VGA, however my current graphics card is working fine so I may tryout soft15k, instead? depends which gives the best results. As its a tmp I wasnt going to try removing the case from the monitor, but you got me thinking to give it a try anyway :) It looks like I might be making another smaller version in the future, in which case will deffo go pc monitor route.

you can put it all on a powerstrip/splitter and put a toe switch next to the cab
Cheers, will give that a try

This hobby is so addictive and it's got me back into fixing up/amending stuff rather than just buy, buy, buy. My electronics skills are getting better

24-01-11, 04:03
Managed to get hold of a mega cheap arcade monitor (24inch), and now all installed and working in the cab (that sounds so easy, if only it was :) but hell, that’s the fun) I now know more about the wonder world of CRT than I ever thought I would.

(Sorry about the picture quality, still crap at photos)

Going to now spend a bit of time on the games, need improve my skills on track & field (I do mine need). Than want to try and get a jamma board attached and do a comparison with the mame version.

happy dayssss

24-01-11, 04:12
Oh shit, you took the red pill. Welcome to the club. Your cab has potential, I will look into it and give suggestions very soon.