View Full Version : Retro Gaming Roundup is getting big....

27-11-10, 08:03
Yup, I just listened to 1Up's lastest "Games, Damnit!" (25/Nov/2010) podcast and Retro Gaming Roundup got a mention on the show, dispite the fact they called it "Retro Gaming Roundtable". But it's still cool that you guys are getting noticed, even by larger gaming journalism companies, they were super impressed that you got to talk to Ted Dabney.

All I can say is guys, keep up the fantastic work and become bigger!

27-11-10, 08:22
Thanks for the tip off, 1Up is a big player to say the least, mighty nice of them. If they like Ted then they (and of course our listeners too) should love our guest of the same era we just lined up....

28-11-10, 02:37
Hm, what's this "journalism" you speak of... :) Congrats on the 1up mention! Hope it brings in more listeners.

29-11-10, 09:24
Indeed thatís some pretty good exposure. Congratulations.

29-11-10, 02:38
congrats, I used to listened to the old 1upYours and watch 1upshow. Will download and check it out