View Full Version : Arcade Ambience sound track recommendations

17-11-10, 09:38
Heard a few people mention that they sometimes play arcade sounds in their game room or mame cab, was wondering if anyone has any recommendations?

I found these and currently downloading


17-11-10, 09:42
Not exactly arcade, but if you go to playthenes.com they have a section called 6.5.0. tunes, which is complete soundtracks for NES games. They got a lot of games to select from too!

17-11-10, 10:18
I got a copy of those arcade ambience files that your link was referencing. I think it makes a great 'menu background song' in your Mame Cab as you are selecting a game to play. Kind of like when you're in a real arcade and you're just walking the aisles of which game to play. I like the one track that has the 'Sinistar' background noise. That one always brings me back.