View Full Version : Magic the gathering - 3rd exp pack

16-11-10, 12:53
So heres a challenge for you my friends, anyone know when that third pack is going to drop on xbox live?

16-11-10, 03:35
I never liked the Xbox Live version. I mean, it plays a great game (I STILL haven't beaten that final guy. lol), but I don't like the fact that you can't build your own decks out of what you want. I perfectly understand WHY you can't, it wouldn't make sense to allow something like that for such a cheap game. But still ... I use Apprentice when I wanna REALLY play M:TG online, and save Xbox Live for those times when I've got time to kill.

17-11-10, 06:50
well, just so you know, the versions they posted are pretty identical to some of the decks I actually used to play with. The blue black relics deck is a near pristine copy of my old churn and burn black/red artifacts deck. I understand that build your own is the true addiction behind the gathering, however, I have to say that I used to love playing sealed deck tourneys back in the day, and I think that exactly what stainless is trying to do.

21-12-10, 08:52
I play this quite a bit - Gamertag is wongojack