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15-11-10, 11:47
Hey Kiddies, Cryptkeeper here,

Pc is an expansive format. I think we can all agree on the many varied and awesome titles floating around for the rig of all rigs. I'd like our forum folks to post your faves. Go as far back as you like, and let the world know your proud of titles big and small.

15-11-10, 11:56
To get the ball rollin-

1. Diablo 2. Best. Game. In. Forever.

2. Command and Conquer 2.

3. Warcraft 2.

4. 7th Guest. Creepy FMVs are creepy.

5. Mechwarrior 3-4. Have to list as one entry as both are the rock.

6. MUGEN. I know this technically isn't a pc game, but I loved it and there it is.

7. Elder scrolls 3-4. Same thing here, even though Morrowind had better story and was overall a better game, I just love me some Oblivion.

8. Battle chess. I'm a chess nerd, and watching my rook decapitate other pieces was priceless.

9. Day of the tentacle. If you have not played this game, go now and do so, you will thank me.

10. Dragons Lair 3D. Most annoying game I ever made my bitch.

There she is folks, My top ten. I'd like to see yours top that awesome.

16-11-10, 01:45
Cool list. Everyone has their own tastes and styles, should be pretty interesting.

Here's mine.....

1. Diablo 2 - Yep, I fully agree with this one at number one. Great as a mulitplayer LAN game.

2. Unreal Tournament - I loved the original. Ran great on systems that lagged on Quake 3.

3. Star Trek Klingon Academy - One of the deepest space combat sims I have ever played.

4. Doom - The original remains great, along with part 2. A true classic.

5. Red Alert 2 - I loved the C and C franchise, and this one was one of the best.

6. System Shock 2 - One of the few horror games that was truly scary.

7. Mechwarrior 2 - A hardcore game with killer graphics when it came out.

8. Star Trek Bridge Commander -Not as deep as K A, but graphically updated and easier for new players.

9. The Sims - I wasted hours building houses and maintaining a virtual life before MMOs were huge.

10. Emulators - A cop-out? Mame alone is awesome, but almost better was back when the SNES neared the end of its lifecycle one could play all the games you wanted on ZSNES. The emulators haven't kept up as well as one could hope (there's a basic PS2 emulator and a barely functional XBox emulator), but still, I keep a huge collection of emus and ROMS on an external hard drive.

16-11-10, 03:52
I've been gaming on the PC for way too long to make a conclusive top 10, so I'm just going to name of 10 games that I like off the top of my head in no particular order. :P

Unreal Tournament '99/2004/3
Doom/Doom 2
Quake (the original. The others were excellent, but don't hold a candle to this one)
Return to Zork
Major Stryker
Rise of the Triad
Descent 1/Descent 2
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2

And a little honorable mention for Q-Basic Nibbles. :P I know it's a cop-out to have more than one game listed in the same part. But sometimes the gameplay is just RIGHT. Either with largely being unchhanged like in the Doom and Descent games, or by process of evolution like the Unreal Tournament games that changes, yet still retains the awesome qualities from game to game.

And as far as what Leatchco brought up with emulators not keeping up, they stopped being anywhere near interesting YEARS ago with their releases. Dreamcast emulation went further (even though I've only tried it once with Ikaruga), Gamecube/Wii emulation is getting there slowly but surely (yeah ... the Wii being a current generation system? Bullshit. heh) ... it weirds me out that PS2 hasn't been emulated better. And the Xbox doesn't even really NEED emulation in the traditional sense since it's literally just a PC. It surprises me that there isn't SOMETHING out there.

Emulation ON the consoles themselves has gotten pretty interesting though started heavily with the Dreamcast and the original Xbox. If only because those systems are DIRT ass cheap.

The last time emulation was interesting for me was 9 or 10 years ago when CPS2Shock was decrypting the CPS2 games to be run in MAME and Final Burn and whatnot though.

16-11-10, 04:37
Wow....that was a decade ago? (cps2 codes cracked). I'm getting old.

I still like my emulators. But you are right, most of the excitement is gone from PC emulators (I find it VERY strange the PS2 emulator isn't further along, or that there's no XBox emu thats any good yet)

With that said, the handhelds are where the breakthroughs lie now. Most specifically with the SNES, which has all those custom chips that seem to take a bit to get going (specifically the one Capcom used in Mega Man X2). I'm looking forward to FINALLY getting a Pandora (4 months til I can order!) and seeing if the homebrew coders will match up with the higher power and possibilities the Pandora offers.

18-11-10, 03:44
I may be dating myself, but here are my favorite PC Games of all time (mind you I've been a PC Gamer since '86).

1. Monkey Island 1 and 2 (Favorite games of all time -- both have to be #1)
2. King's Quest 3 (I loved all the spell casting in this game!)
3. Space Quest 1 (Nothing more enjoyable then doing a quick run through the game!)
4. Day of the Tentacle (Obvious reasons)
5. Tetris Classic (The music is as addictive as the gameplay!)
6. Loom (Simple, addictive, and a completely engrossing story)
7. Leisure Suit Larry 2 (I can just play the first half of the this game and still feel satisfied).
8. Lands of Lore (Got to play the CD version for the full experience)
9. Civilization I (I still play this version even today!).
10. Defender of the Crown (One of the first DOS games I played and is a staple in my DosBox collection).

Honorable Mentions:
Zeliard (PC's own Zelda. Not loved by many, but something undeniably charming about this game).
Colonel's Bequest (make sure to play this with a Roland! Favorite mystery game of all time.)
Prince of Persia (Iconic)
Centurion (Too easy, but addictive)
Sam n Max (Probably the funniest adventure game I've played.
Eye of the Beholder 2 (Wasted so many hours...)

Modern PC Games:
1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
2. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
3. Street Fighter 4
4. Civilization 4
5. Resident Evil 5
6. Alice
7. Bioshock 1
8. Devil May Cry 4
9. Pychonauts
10. Prince of Persia Sands of Time


29-11-10, 04:17
10. Dragons Lair 3D. Most annoying game I ever made my bitch.

I gave up at the section with the knight who sent electricity down the tiled floor. Just could never get past it. Great game, nonetheless.

29-11-10, 04:45
In no particular order, and not ten of 'em. These are just some of my favorites.

MAGIC CARPET: This piece of software was amazing, considering what it was doing without 3D accel. & on a 486. Real-time terrain modification. You could use spells to cause sinkholes to swallow enemies, volcanoes to form, etc. It was sort of a 3D real time strategy game. You had a castle to defend (you added turrets,etc) collected resources (mana), attacked other wizards & their castles, balloon, etc. It really needs a remake.

GIANTS CITIZEN KABUTO: Absolutely hilarious cut scenes, incredible variety or gameplay, and a difficulty level that was just perfect for me made this one of my favorites. You got jetpack characters, speedboat racing, 3D RealTime strategy & you even get to be a godzilla type monster. From the people who made Earthworm Jim & MDK. 'Armed & Dangerous' was the spiritual sequel.

RED FACTION; Although it never lived up to the tech claims, I still enjoyed the hell out of it.

BATTLE ENGINE AQUILLA: In this game, you operate a mech which can also fly as a jet. Your 'Battle Engine' is supporting a whole ARMY in its fight against the enemy. What I like about this game, is that not only do you have to survive, your army cannot sustain more losses than the enemy. You have to decide how much to help the army vs. how much time to spend in your goal (Usually to defeat a battleship, giant mech, etc). Check this out on youtube if you've never heard of it.

RECOIL: A convertible tank/jetboat versus an army. One of the first games from Zipper Int (makers of SOCOM & Mechwarrior 3).

Of course I love the Half-Life series, Diablo, etc. Just wanted to mention my faves that aren't so well known.

16-12-10, 09:28
I stopped playing PC games around the time 3D cards became mandatory, but that early-mid 90s period with VGA/SoundBlaster as standards was really magical. I'm not including all computer games, just PC (x86) games...

10. Hero's Quest (Quest For Glory) - Good puzzles and great writing.
9. Wing Commander 2 - good action and a fun sci-fi script. Very movie like for the time, which was a little novel in the space action genre
8. Dune 2 - RTSs got too fast and too complex afterwards, but Dune 2 and C&C were both amazing at the time. I picked Dune 2 as it was first.
7. Icewind Dale - I always liked this much better than Baldur's Gate. Great graphics, tough battles, and lots of strategic dungeon crawling.
6. Doom - when it came out, it dominated everyone's time. Addicting and fun.
5. Secret of Monkey Island - my favorite point & click ever. Great writing, great puzzles.
4. Xcom - unique and totally compelling strategy game
3. Ultima Underworld - a revelation in 3D at the time, very ahead of its time, and a fun game to boot!
2. Morrowind - no game has ever had such an amazing sense of exploration
1. Civilization - super addicting and original

If my list included C64, Apple 2 and Amiga games about half of my list would be for those systems...