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14-11-10, 10:04
Yup, we all laugh about the crazy Wii remote plastic shells, and we've seen the ones for the new Playstation Move controller. However this is both ridiculous and ugly at the same time.

Witness, the Avenger....


Honestly? The Hell?

Apparently it's so good it's endorsed by, Steven and Daniel...?

http://cache.gawker.com/assets/images/kotaku/2010/11/steven.jpg http://www.avengercontroller.com/images/sidequote66.png

The idea of this monstrosity of an add-on is so that "almost" all the face buttons are now triggers, a button is controlled by shaking it using a weight (yes add a shake weight joke here please), and it tightens up the triggers so that you only need to gently touch them in order to shoot guns. Oh, and I need to add that there's a tripod thing on the underbelly that keeps the controller a few inches off your lap.

Really? Unless you REALLY like the Borg and things with tubes coming out of it, that thing makes what would be a nice and sleek looking controller into a horrible sight. However go to the site (http://www.avengercontroller.com/) and watch the testimonial video, can someone say "I recorded this with a video phone and Microsoft Movie-Maker"? Honestly, this N-Control company is shooting themselves in the foot here with possibly the worst looking game attachment with the worst marketing, and endorsement from random no-bodies. What makes things even worse, it's $59USD! Christ I think an actual 360 controller cost less!

If you honestly can't play FPS games kids, here's your solution...

Get a PC...


14-11-10, 11:39
Ummm...yeah. It's scary that someone with this idea found investors.

14-11-10, 11:52
Ummm...yeah. It's scary that someone with this idea found investors.

They spike their coffee with some drug to make them think it was the most amazing thing in the world!? lol

14-11-10, 11:53
This shoe makes me run faster and jump higher!


14-11-10, 11:54
This shoe makes me run faster and jump higher!



Like a pair of LA Gears :P

15-11-10, 02:27
<grumpy old man>I don't know what that is, but in my day we didn't need no fancy doodads, and controller add-on shells. We had one joystick and a button, and we liked it that way. We LOVED it that way. Flibbidy floo.</grumpy old man>

16-11-10, 12:50
What..what does that even do. Its like when people take nerf guns and steampunk em out with like dials and oven thermometers. It looks like a 360 controller for people who have too much money on their....oh wait thats what it is.

16-11-10, 01:47
What..what does that even do?

It turns the X and Y buttons into triggers, and there's a weight on the B button so that you shake the controller to press it. The idea being is that you never leave your right thumb on the right analogue stick. It also makes the L and R triggers tauter so that the slightest touch would trigger your guns. Basically it's training wheels for kids who suck at FPS because they haven't figured out that PC controls are better. The more money they get their parents to buy this Christmas, I hope a note comes to the people who buys this product that says "You suck" on it, lol.