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10-11-10, 10:40
Hi all!

Just wanted to greet everyone here. I've never heard of the Retrogaming Roundup Podcast until I picked up a CD from this past CGE. I must say I was amazed how long these podcasts are! Good thing I have a 45 minute commute everyday to work (typical in SoCal) so I was able to hear the WHOLE cd and plus some recent ones (July-Oct). I dunno if its the soothing Britishy voice of UK Mike, or the fun Swap Meet recordings from SoCal Mike, or the technical mumbo jumbo speak from Scott, but there's something really addictive about the show. The Top Ten's are fun to listen to -- There are times I would have to disagree to some of the picks. Now that I'm registered, I can comment now.

Some background, I'm 35, so the 80's pretty much ruled my childhood. I started off with a used Pong Machine in '79. Then got an Intellivision the following Christmas. Got an Atari 1200XL in '83. Got a NES and a IBM PC XT the '86. Loved my NES, but was also have a place in my heart for old DOS games as well. Got a Dreamcast in '99 and an XBOX in '02. Haven't got any next gen systems -- not really interested in any. Favorite arcade game of all time is Mr. Do!

Like everyone here, I LOVE classic gaming (why else would I be at CGE?). I built a MAME cab back in '06. www.gishmedia.com/arcade.html. I still own all my old gaming systems and never sold any game I owned. I get totally nostalgic at old gaming commercials and gaming magazines. So it looks like I've come to the right place to be with my "ilk".

Keep up the great work and thanks for making my commutes to work more enjoyable!


10-11-10, 11:14
Jesus, somebody needs to keep a database of all the Mike's around here.

Welcome to the forums and the show.

You must be the only person I heard of that never sold a game ever!

10-11-10, 11:57
Glad to have you onboard, did we meet you at CGE? Are you headed back next year?

11-11-10, 12:33
Thanks for the welcome!

Miner2049 -- I'll sign my sig as "CT" to avoid all the 'Mike' confusion.

SuburuBrat -- I saw the Retrogaming Roundup booth, but since I didn't know who you guys were at the time, I didn't say anything, but I did pick up a disc. I recall that most times I walked past the booth, there was an interview going on.

I hope to be back at CGE next year if there is one -- this time I'll be sure to stop by and meet you guys!


11-11-10, 12:49
Welcome! It's always great to have another So Cal Local here :) One of these days all the So Cal GameGavel/RGRoundup folks should have a get-together somewhere. I may have to work on that.

11-11-10, 02:55
... but I did pick up a disc...

You didn't happen to pick up a spindle of discs instead of just one did you?:SONRUN::SONRUN:
If you listened to RoundUp 22 you'll get the reference.

Anyway, welcome to the program. (no wait, that was Shane's line). How about welcome to the RoundUp?

11-11-10, 08:03
Haha. I heard about the spindle episode. No, it wasn't me, I only took one. My wife did take another cause she thought I didn't get one. So at most, I had two. So apologize for that.

SoCal Mike -- I think it would be great to have a local roundup!


16-11-10, 02:55
Jesus, somebody needs to keep a database of all the Mike's around here.

KLOM - Killer List of Mike's

17-11-10, 02:26
CT, enjoyed the story of your cab and the video, it looks really sweet. Amazing artwork and cool menu. And a treasure chest in a gauntlet machine, what a result $74.75.

17-11-10, 10:02
zxspectrum16k, I'm glad you enjoyed the MAME Cab Story and the video! I think anytime someone gets an arcade cabinet, there's always a good story behind it -- ESPECIALLY the part about hauling it to its destination. It's amazing what a mania can make the body do! I saw your comments on Youtube and I wish you the best of luck (and tons of fun) making your Mame Cab. It's definitely a labor of love as any Mame Cab owner will tell you.