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Chuck D. Head
09-11-10, 11:33
Can someone direct me to which podcast had the soldering segment? I dont see it referenced in any of the show notes. I keep running into people that desperately need the info and the pep talk included therein....... Morgan

09-11-10, 11:38
It would be interesting to post a soldering primer on here where it is easily accessed...when I was still working as an engineer, I used to hold soldering seminars for all the line employees. Solder rework is an artform! If our local soldering expert doesn't have the time, perhaps I can write something up.

10-11-10, 12:15
I wish I could recall when we did that. In short, soldering is apply heat to joint, apply solder, remove solder, remove heat.

-Don't use too hot an iron, 25-35 watts is good for most PCB work, do not use a 100watt gun for replacing a resistor on a game PCB.
-Don't try to heat the solder and use it like glue.
-Do have a good mechanical connection before soldering.
-Don't use too much solder, you should still see the wire braids or leads and pad.
-Do clean the tip before using and frequently during use, a sponge with water is all you need.
-After cleaning flow a small ammount of solder on the tip to tin it for better heat transfer.

When desoldering use either a suction bulb or braid, if it is old solder and not cooperating heat it with your iron and add in some new solder then desolder.

This video on You tube is also really good, all the basics are covered here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_NU2ruzyc4).

@Todd, your perfectly welcome to jump in and do a written article, you should post it over in the Pinball Wizard area.

Chuck D. Head
10-11-10, 01:39
Thanks! I will have to find it, though. The segment did a good job of motivating someone to learn, which is great. I get tired of hearing "I can't solder", when what they really mean is "I am scared of new things and assuming I will F it up" Morgan

10-11-10, 12:57
Can't do it now but when I get home I will find it.

I added a search tool to our site but the word solder does not come up which means I have not added the HWFB topic to the shownotes pages, and that is a project I got halfway through.

10-11-10, 09:23
it's in episode 20, June 2010, in the second half of the first hour, don't know the exact timestamp.


10-11-10, 09:34
Yes it is thanks. It's now a search term too. ;)

Chuck D. Head
10-11-10, 11:20
Perfect! Thank you very much! Morgan

15-11-10, 07:57
You can do eeet!