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09-11-10, 08:28
First post in a few weeks due to being very busy!

I decided to by 3d dot game heroes after a lot of review reading and low price searching. Finally picked it up for 22.45 free delivery from amazon as other sites tend to sell it anywhere between 30-40 as i can presume its a rareish title.

In a nutshell its a nes zelda clone with lots of modern input. Like me i was a bit unsure weather it would be a quality product or not. After playing for a few hours i can say its definetly one of the best games for the ps3.

Yes its not graphicly amazing but it does sure carry its own style of graphics such as enemies exploding into pixels when killed. The game itself has a good story and a huge world with several dungeons to explore and conquer. I dont want to say anything else really so it doesnt spoilt it but any retro fan this is a must buy!

I hope the developer make some type of super mario clone using this similar style as it too could be a great concept! Anybody who has this game also please share your thoughts......

10-11-10, 12:03
I bought this one earlier this year and have had a lot of fun with it. The graphic style is great, but the difficulty in the dungeons ramps up quite a bit towards the end. I got to the next to last temple but got too frustrated to continue. Maybe I just suck though...

10-11-10, 02:42
I quite enjoy 3D Dot Game Heroes. I'm no Zelda fan but what I got a chuckle out of was the character creator. I made the square from Adventure and that's who I play. It's awesome because it's like playing Adventure for the 21st Century.