View Full Version : pinball, first play in yearssssssssssss

07-11-10, 08:51
I was never really interested in pinball, would always walk by whist heading for the arcade machines. However your podcast and love of the game must be rubbing off some.
I went to a retro expo this weekend, and found myself spending ages in the Pin section. Had a blast, and by god would love one. But think hell would need to freeze over before that happened.

Anyways some pics of my first pinball in over 15/20 years

08-11-10, 05:51
Hey sweet. I love Stern's Family Guy...but it looks like U had a FANTASTIC choice of tables!!!!"

08-11-10, 05:58
Great pics. Thanks for posting those. I really take for granted the availability of vids and pins here in the states. There are always some for sale, and many for cheap.

08-11-10, 06:15
Glad to see you gave it a try and enjoyed it! I was the same way in the golden era of gaming, I had a few pins I liked such as Marta Hari, Xenon and Kiss but for the most part I walked past and wished they had put two more vids in that space. People love pinball once they get a chance to try.

09-11-10, 08:13
friend just uploaded some vids of the event, unfortunatly I am a terrible camera man. But he has done the best with the content i supplied (Also all shot towards the end of the event as was to excited and forgot). Love the sounds as we walk along pinball alley :)

12-11-10, 12:23
'Howdy Pardner!' (cheers for the vid) I would have loved to play Whitewater in RL ... only ever given it a go in Visual Pinball - It's seems a goody though.

So which did you get to play? .... And which were your faves?