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01-11-10, 09:00
Hey gang,

Long time listener first time poster!
Been loving RGR podcast for quite a while now and thought I'd drop in and say hi.

I grew up first with the Atari 2600 then took a trip down Nintendo lane while my good buddy went down the Sega avenue so we traded systems all the time so I was fortunate enough not to miss a whole lot. Except the 3DO...... meh...

Took a few years break and missed the Gameboy advance entirely but ruled the PC world. Then one day I found Build Your Own Arcade Controls.com and the God rays shone down on me. I got into my Dad's wood shop and began building my own arcade cabinet:


My gaming life changed forever.
I now own all the big three systems and just finished Halo : Reach.

So Mike, Mike, and Scott keep up the awesome work! Whenever I see that little "1" next to your podcast in iTunes I know it's time to spend 5 hours in the woodshop with 12 beers.



Here's a little painting I did you might enjoy!