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27-10-10, 11:47
Looking sweet!


28-10-10, 12:22
Its a thing of beauty - love Daft Punk too, should go together well.

28-10-10, 01:28
Oh em geee...Jeff Bridges!
GOD I hope they don't screw this up.

28-10-10, 01:29
I couldn't care less about most 3D movies, but I am there for this one opening weekend :D

28-10-10, 01:54
This thing looks better and better with every trailer.

28-10-10, 05:09
Yeah I don't get excited about new films but this one has got me intrigued.

28-10-10, 05:37
Me too - but I still have a feeling I am gonna prefer the original even though I have no doubt this will be a great and worthy sequel. There was something about Tron that was iconically early 80s... it tied into the start of the home computer craze and the maturing of video games as well as being right at the start of the computer graphics explosion and probably played a huge part in my moving into graphics art and visual effects as a career. I guess it will feel more like a "holy crap" movie rather than having any kind of long lasting impact on me. Then again, perhaps movies, tv, media etc only really truly have a lasting impact on a younger audience and a more open and maturing mind... I genuinely don't remember the last type of media experience that I can truly say will stay with me for the rest of my life.

EDIT: I just received this in a work related email. If this is true... its disgusting.

Is Disney Scared of the Original TRON VFX?

(my.hsj.org) TRON: Legacy is now just under two months away. With October 28 being “TRON Night” across the country, as multiple IMAX screens screen 20 minutes of the new film, it seems like a good time to ask, “Where’s the inevitable Blu-ray release of the original TRON?” There was once talk of not only a Blu-ray release but maybe even a small theatrical re-release timed with TRON: Legacy’s December 17 opening. Time is now running short, though, and it seems like even with all the money being spent on creating and marketing this new version of TRON, the original is kind of getting the shaft. And guess what? It might be our fault.

Blue Sky Disney posted a thought provoking editorial on this very subject. In their piece, they report that earlier this year the original 1982 film directed by Steven Lisberger played at a Disney theme park. Apparently, at this screening the audience was laughing hysterically at the dated special effects and costumes, some of which are currently more associated with well-known spoofs (like South Park or Tron guy) rather than their original incarnations. This, reportedly, scared the crap out of many of the executives in attendance and they decided to push back the Blu-ray release of the original film until TRON: Legacy had finished its run at the box office and, itself, was ready for the home market.

As crazy as this may sound, it makes a lot of sense. Even though TRON was incredibly groundbreaking almost 30 years ago, today, the effects look horribly dated and watching them in high definition on Blu-ray probably just makes them look even worse. Imagine a 40 year old man, who loves the original movie, popping in a crisp new Blu-ray for his 10 year old son, so used to Avatar, Toy Story and The Phantom Menace. There’s a chance that, within seconds, the kid could totally dismiss the franchise and then just blab to all of his friends about dumb it looks. And with all the events, toys, comics, theme parks, reshoots, banners, posters, trailers and more than Disney has footed the bill for in regards to TRON: Legacy, any little chink in the armor could result in a very expensive house of cards coming tumbling down.

28-10-10, 09:44
Sadly I have to agree with the email. I bought the Laser Disc box set when it came out for the 15th anniversary. Rushed home to pop it in and I had only a basic 27 inch TV at the time and I remember being disappointed at how dated it looked :( But if I am being honest it was around this same time that I got the Star Wars trilogy box set for Laser Disc and it was the first time I had ever noticed/seen the cut outs on the Tie Fighters and X-Wings...

I have watched Tron on DVD several times, and still love the film. I still want a Blu Ray!!!

28-10-10, 10:12
Ok, as much as it looks cool. There's something bothering me about the way the programs look.

They look "too human"...

In the original Tron, they had that look where their skin pretty much glowed in the dark and looked artificial, but it was still a person's face, IMO I prefer that over these new Tron special effects.

29-10-10, 06:55
I am incredibly stoked for this. It almost looks like their going for a (stay with me here) Dark Knight vibe - making it a bit darker, but with plenty of fan service. I am THERE opening night. In line with alllll the virgins.