View Full Version : can you queue up multiple videos with media player in a PS3?

25-10-10, 08:08
I can't wrap my head around this and any searches I do online refer to the media center connectivity of the PS3 so I figured I'll ask here.
If I want to load up a bunch of videos on my PS3 and have the player just play them all in a row, how can I do that? Say I want to have a collection of music videos playing off it, how do I tell the PS3 video player to play multiple files? All I can get it to do right now is play each file one at a time and when it's finished I have to click on the next video manually. I can copy them and stuff, but what I actually want to do is just play them all like a playlist.
Anyone know how?
I have a PS3 slim by the way, if that makes a difference. I have noticed slight differences in the operating system between the original and the slim.

11-11-10, 10:43
I don't use the multimedia capabilities of the system because my original 160GB hard drive quit on me, so I've only got a 20 in it right now and I'm too lazy to set up the networking. So here's my best stab at it. I've got a PS3 fat for what it's worth.

In Settings > Video Settings there's an option all the way at the bottom that says "Sequential Playback - Sets for sequential playback of multiple content items saved on the hard disk or storage media."

Of course, that's probably just with movies that you download off the net and stick on there. I don't know anything about the ones you download in the PSN Store. heh