View Full Version : Taito's digital delivery arcade cab

25-10-10, 07:19
I think it was inevitable - and anything to keep arcade gaming "alive" can only be a good thing I guess.


25-10-10, 07:37
I think the author is correct in his assumption that we won't see it here.

25-10-10, 11:31
Or anyplace outside of Japan.

26-10-10, 12:41
This is really a natural evolution of the Neo Geo concept, but I don’t think it would have much of an impact outside of Japan. People seem to be more interested in novelty cabinets in the west, which is understandable as this is something that is difficult to replicate at home.

27-10-10, 07:23
I still have no idea why the people behind Game Tap haven't made a GameTap Console yet. It'll be pretty much like this, but for your TV.

01-11-10, 01:52
Are there enough Gametap subscribers to support a hardware device? It would have to be less than $40US, not even RoKu has that and it's fairly popular. Would roku/blu ray manufacturers be willing to add a usb port and support for a gamepad?