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25-10-10, 10:36
Howdy folks, just a few lines to introduce myself quick.

Most of you old-types would consider me "young," (26), but my interest in retrogaming goes back to the Atari VCS we had when I was a kid. Of course I participated in the Nintendo generation, and 16 bit, fell off somewhere around the end of the Playstation/N64 era. For now I collect just about anything, although my favorites have to be Colecovision, Commodore 64, Atari VCS, NES, Xbox, Wii, and DS. Also Vectrex, which I built a custom table (really not that fancy, tbh) so it would be the same height as my bar. In addition I am trying to build an arcade collection, but the wife says I need to fix my EM Wms 'Aztec' pin before I start getting vids. Oh well.

Aside from video games, I enjoy DIY and handyman-type activities. You may know me from #rgvc, #vbender, or the Digital Press forums.

Initially I picked up RGR to add to the occasional podcast from the 1up network. AT FIRST I didn't like the long format, but now I really have gotten into it. Kind of like reading a magazine, complete with classic ads. Also works out perfect that the shows last about a full work-shift ;) Keep up the good work, guys!

25-10-10, 11:28
Welcome to the forums! Sounds like you have a nice collection going. Once you get Aztec going post how it is. I saw one on CL here not long ago pretty cheap, but it sold pretty quick.

25-10-10, 04:27
Welcome to the forums. I live in Florida now, but I grew up in Fond du Lac. My folks lived in Eagle River for a long time, too. Go Pack!

25-10-10, 04:42
Hey Compute,

Welcome to the forums. Glad to hear you are also enjoying the podcast. I hope you become a regular around here.

25-10-10, 07:35
Welcome aboard, sounds like you have a good start on collecting.

25-10-10, 08:11
Welcome Compute, looking forward to your posts.

I have been to Wisconsin a few times, love it. Almost took a job in Milwaukee earlier this year. =)