View Full Version : Price Check-Crazy Climber cocktail

23-10-10, 10:40
Any idea what would be a good price for a fully functioning cocktail Crazy Climber unit? I couldn't find anything recent on rec.games.video.arcade.collecting or on eBay.

24-10-10, 12:41
I had one of these and it is sweet. Is the one you are asking about an original dedicated cab? If so I would say $250-$350 in this market. Great game btw.

24-10-10, 07:21
Yes, this is a dedicated cocktail unit. I had heard of the game but never saw one in the arcades, or at least I don't remember ever playing one. It's neat having a cocktail game but I don't have much sentimental value for the game itself so it could easily make room for something more useful.