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Nate Nickels
23-10-10, 03:50
I thought we could post our gamer tags so all of us nerds, geeks, and dorks have somebody to play with...beside ourselves.. Well that sounded better in my head. Anyways if you want to boost some points let me know.

Gamer tag - SuperDashRendar

I currently have the following games.
- Grid
- Lego Indiana Jones
- Age of Booty
- PGR4
-Forza 2
- Sonic Tennis
- Marvel Ultimate Alliance
- Ghostbusters
- The Orange Box
-Call of Duty 3
All Pro Football 2k8

I would love to work together to get some achievement points , add me and let me know what you want to work on or play. Also check out my game room I only have Seaquest however.

23-10-10, 04:58
Mine's Dhalamar, though I hardly ever play on it anymore since it's upstairs. heh

So more than likely if you see someone playing Lego Indiana Jones or Kung Fu Panda, it's my 9 year old daughter. :P

And ... kinda sad that you have a Call of Duty game, but you made up for it with 3 because that's the best one.

24-10-10, 05:40
Did you just recently get a 360? Or did you leave out XBLA games or somethin?

04-03-11, 08:11
Mine is StormyX73. Am well into PAC-MAN CE DX at the moment.

05-03-11, 04:37
I am MagusNexus on X box live. Hit me up yall.

05-03-11, 05:03
Well, mine's downstairs now. Though I've been too lazy lately to actually hook it up. :P

07-03-11, 12:11
DoctorMikeReddy but I'm not on often, due to work/family

08-03-11, 07:05
Mines Leathco

08-03-11, 11:05
I am Flaredoxio. Although I seldom have time to play on it and I'm only on Silver.

Actually, if you see me online, you'll probably see games like Rango, Toy Story and Lego Harry Potter show up, it's because it's my daughters playing on it :)

09-03-11, 12:50
Sure it is.

10-03-11, 11:05
My gamertag is "billlog". So there.

13-03-11, 12:26

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05-04-11, 04:48
I'm wongojack on XBL

06-04-11, 01:12
Jack Crow 2004 here.

26-10-11, 05:36
I have select of lot gaming tags but my most favorite gaming tag is Mines Leathco.

26-10-11, 05:46
I have select of lot gaming tags but my most favorite gaming tag is Mines Leathco.

Yours is "Mines Leathco"?

Spambot alert.

Tan Coul
23-10-12, 08:26
Tan Coul (oddly enough...) mostly playing Magic, Worms, Trials and board game conversions...

03-01-13, 05:32
Emergencybrake on XBL. Mostly playing BF3 these days online.