View Full Version : Lego Indiana Jones - 1000 Points - The game that won't die...

Nate Nickels
18-10-10, 08:44
As of this moment I am at 940 points out of 1000. I am so close I can feel it yet so far away from victory. I have gotten my five dollars out of this many times over.If you plan on trying for the 1000 I highly suggest you cheat and unlock all the packages first. You will unfortunately have to play through each level at least 2 times to get all the hidden chests. If you do this the grinding becomes minimal but the last 10 or so will take a bit of work.

I must of hit a glitch on the warehouse level because I beat that level in less than two minutes! I was a rocket guy and i went all the way left and hit a target and kept hitting it and my points just kept going and not stopping.

I need to figure out what I will do when I finally beat Lego Indiana Jones. I was thinking of watching the three or four great films in the series but if I hear that theme song one more time...