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17-10-10, 12:38
I bought the large bottles of Novus 1 and 2 (8 oz each). Since I only have two pinball machines I thought I'd try it on something else. I have a 2004 Honda CR-V with headlight lenses which are getting very 'fogged up' or oxidized. I decided to try out the Novus on the passenger side lens first and see how well it worked. Since Novus is a plastic polish it seemed like it would be a good idea.

Well so far it turned out really well. I'll attach photos shortly. Maybe this is the primary purpose for Novus and cleaning pinball playfields is the alternate use. Either way it looks great.

EDIT: May not be able to add photos, apparently I'm too frigging stupid to figure how to upload the pictures even though I added about ten photos a few months ago.

17-10-10, 01:13
Dude, as soon as I saw your post I was thinking about car headlamps, it does an amazing job. Other uses include aircraft windshields, laptop screens (mixed results depending on manufacture type), and pretty much any plastic.

17-10-10, 04:36
Great idea, I'm going to give this a shot. I'm wondering if it might clean up scratched up consoles, or maybe a scratched PSP screen.

17-10-10, 04:39
The default answer is yes, with the disclaimer that certain coatings will come out uneven. That said, I have used Novus 2 and 3 on everything you can think of.

17-10-10, 11:46
We have a brass cleaning product in the UK called Brasso. That can be used to take scratches out of ipod screens and the metallic backs of iPods too.

01-11-10, 01:55
I used it to clean up a big "Metallica" clock/poster/wood thing I picked up dirt cheap. It had more of a polyurethane finish, but still did wonders. Now I just need to fashion some lighting bolts for clock hands.