View Full Version : What is a Galaga arcade cab worth to you?

16-10-10, 07:26

This is from a Craigslist ad in my area. Would you pay the asking price? Ignoring how much you may like the game. Realistically speaking. heh

16-10-10, 07:54
No way! too much, unless it had some providence, or a super low serial number. I have no idea what they go for, I am just speaking of value to me. Honestly I can't think of a classic cab off the top of my head that I would pay that much for... time to fire up MAME and look ;)

16-10-10, 09:14
I'm gonna try to configure MAME to work with my SF4 fight stick and use that on an old laptop. KIND OF a MAME cab ... just ... without the cab. lol

But ... fuck it ... the games are meant to be PLAYED. I'm going within my means and I like those old games in short bursts. :)

But yeah ... assuming I had the money, the OUTRIGHT MOST I'D EVER SPEND on a Galaga cabinet is MAYBE 75 to 100 bucks. Period. And that's if I had the money to blow on bullshit. No that arcade cabs are bullshit by any means ... just that I'm NOT the person to get an arcade cab and maintain it. I don't have the know how. I don't have the patience. I don't even have the physical capability to use a soldering iron due to tremors. The only arcade cab I'll ever own is a MAME machine, and I don't even have the money for the cab portion of that. lol

My MAME machine is going to consist of a midrange computer or whatever sort with an SF4 fight stick hooked to it with a keyboard/mouse hidden away. :P

God ... I still remember when I first found out about MAME ... it only had support for a handful of games and they ran like shit. lol

16-10-10, 08:23
Even during the home game room craze of the late 90's early 2000's Galaga and Mrs Pac were hitting only 800ish. That is fantasy pricing.