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12-10-10, 09:53
As you know we host 16kb versions of the podcast for the bandwidth impaired and for Blackberry users who have a 40MB download limit.

To help you out a bit more I've added a mobile section to our podcast site that has no images or scripts and just basic (cos I wrote it) html.

You can find it either by using the epileptic fit inducing flasher on the main page at retrogamingroundup.com (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com) or by going straight to retrogamingroundup.com/mobile (http://www.retrogamingroundup.com/mobile)

On the mobile pages you can access every show so far, download all versions of it as well as the monthly outtakes and see the timestamps for each show too.

Every page also has a link back to the main site if you get either lost, scared or both.

If you have any suggestions for things to add or remove from the mobile pages let me know here, or if you require medical treatment for epilepsy, dial 911.

Thank you.

12-10-10, 11:19
Hi Mike.

I have a Blackberry, but luckily I don't have the 40 MB file limit (phone is the Curve 8330).

This site looks great and loads lightning fast.

The only thing I'd really see that would need added would maybe be the news links for the show, lots would load on the standard mobile browser no problem, and ALL would load fine if the user is running the Bold browser.

Looks great, thanks!

12-10-10, 01:11
I thought about adding the news links but as they link to full sites and not mobile sites I thought that kind of defeated the object a little.

It wouldn't be a big issue to put them in if people thought them useful on the mobile site.

12-10-10, 01:17
I'm not sure. Personally I'd like them, but as far as everyone else, some people could have troubles with certain pages. Thats what makes mobile sites hard, there's so many browsers out there. The standard BB browser would load most of the full non-mobile pages, but it would load them SLOOOOOOOOWLY. The Bolt browser, if the phone supports it, can load up the full non-mobile pages at a reasonable speed, but not all phones can run it.

Either way its a great resource and an awesome way to get the podcast if it releases while I'm on the road or at work. I was also VERY happy to see the outtakes up on it too. Thanks for this resource and all the work you put into it!