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10-10-10, 11:07
Hello been a listener since the show started after I was looking around I-Tunes for a replacement for Shane R. Monroe's Retrogaming Radio (I came in during the final 6 episodes which to my supreme bad luck went the way of the dodo when my hard drive died on my old compy) and what cemented my curiosity in watching this show? Well that was to see how SoCal Mike did as a host I remembered his Chasing the ChuckWagon segments on said show and so I listened. I love how you are all foils for each other and we get good content from 3 different perspectives (East coast/West Coast/and a bit of European flare).
That said about me I'm a long time gamer who for some strange reason or another always skips a generation or 2 when owning gaming systems I started with a pong system (that right the old stand alone pong with 2 paddle controllers) I played that religously on my 13' black and white tv when I was younger. I graduated to a Atari 2600 and played that system to death I played classics like frogger, asteroids, pitfall and so on. I remember getting so immersed in centipede on time at my aunt's house I started playing it when she left for work and was still playing it non-stop for over 8 hours without blinking or moving (a feat which I have yet to duplicate). My mother used to work for Colecovision warehouse (no great just as a cleaner) but she got me great stuff from work like my old blue glow in the dark tron pajama's (god the 80's were great for tie-ins like that. Anyways I skipped over most other systems still sticking with aracades and my atari 2600 and 7200; the next system I got was a spinach green gameboy which my friend destroyed and never got replaced, not until 94' when I got my SNES which was a great system. I got other great systems like SEGA Nomad, PS1, PS2, Gameboy's(color/sdi/and DS lite), and recently got an NES again the other systems over one period or another got stolen, destroyed, or traded (I regret ALOT of those trades to this day *Just Say NO!!!to place like Gamestop and its ilk*keep your memories). I also love animes and manga(and american cartoons and comics), I am a huge movie buff especially old 80's movies, and watching and playing sports.
Well I think I rambled on long enough I love the show and hope it stays on for a long time and now that I trolled the forums long enough to see it being a great community I can't wait to get more involved in it.
P.S. btw you guys should not have pushed that drug called mule I been playing a far amount lately and hope to one day play you guys in a match. -Brian Gustavson

11-10-10, 12:41
We will be having a MULE party soon, us and a listener with other listeners able to watch and we will all jump in on skype.

11-10-10, 04:50
Hey Nightmare78,

Welcome to the forums. Hope you are a regular around here. Our history of gaming shares lots of similarities. I remember reading somewhere about your mother working for Coleco. Maybe on Monroeworld forums? Can't remember :)

Glad you are enjoying the show and yes, it will be around for a long time to come so no worries there.