View Full Version : Broderbund Science Toolkit - Apple IIe/c

09-10-10, 08:47
Found this today at the swapmeet. Pretty cool stuff. Anyone remember having this?


09-10-10, 09:08
Here they talk about it at about 6:00 minutes in. And at the end it has some of Nolan Bushnell's Axlon Petsters. Crazy!


09-10-10, 09:36
I also picked up boxed and complete Space Quest Collection I-V Roger Wilco Unclogged and also boxed Space Quest 6 - Windows CD Roms that still play in my laptop.

And also this crazy game:


09-10-10, 09:39
Very nice find SoCal! I love that kind of stuff - Broderbund really used to kick ass. I think I recall something similar for, IIRC, the BBC Micro back in the UK.

13-10-10, 10:12
Definitely a fun find. I collect these early hardware/software combos for older systems and the Broderbund toolkit is no exception. Back in the day, I never did pick any of these things up because of the high price and the education stigma (i.e., I'd rather spend my money on a pure game). Getting to handle stuff like this today really makes you appreciate the possibilities back then with even modest 8-bit computers.

14-10-10, 05:16
That and the EA construction sets (Adventure, Pinball) were incredible for their time. You could make games that could rival top end stuff. Now there is not a prayer of that happening even though good stuff does come from people who only have 5 to 6 figure budgets to work with.

18-03-13, 03:10
I just came up with one of these too. It came with a bundle of edu software I got. SO tempted to keep it because it's Broderbund and, you know, because it's SCIENCE!

It has some great hardware that basically amounts to a C64 cartridge with a cable and 4 9 pin inputs, as well as two sensors, one for light and one for temperature.

I guess there are some other add-on modules with other detectors and experiments.

I think that given the size of the box, I'll have to pass it on. And the low likelihood that I'll use something so new (that a collector will appreciate) for experiments with my kids.

18-03-13, 04:57
If you put that up for sale on Gamegavel you'll have to let us know!

We don't have a 2013 version of this, and that is horrible given the potential with today's hardware and software. You could emulate the basic functions of some of the instrumentation on the Mars rovers. Nah, lets make another FPS instead, boooo.