View Full Version : Intelli DS - Pre Order and get Special #'game w/ Keith Robinson Autograph

09-10-10, 06:43
From Intelli Facebook:

Thank you everyone who's pre-ordered the DS! Warning to those who haven't but would like to get in on the autographed DS + button + $5 off coupon: Hurry! So far we've only announced it here on FB, but this weekend we'll be spreading the word thru other sites! Order NOW! We expect to sell out next week! Go to http://www.intellivisionlives.com/store/

I just bought two. One for myself and one to give away to some lucky winner. The contest details will be made available right after my shipment comes in. I can't wait for this one!

10-10-10, 04:21
Just ordered my copy. Thanks for posting this!

13-10-10, 10:14
I had ordered my copy too. I'm actually surprised this didn't sell out within a day or two. A lot of people said, "I need to wait for pay day", etc., before ordering. That's responsible, but I can't see this lasting that much longer (and again, am shocked it's lasted as long as it has).

13-10-10, 10:59
I hemmed and hawed, but I finally broke down this morning and ordered mine. I too was shocked that it was still availible. Kinda wish I would have ordered two...

21-11-10, 02:40
I got mine Wednesday before I left the house to go to Video Games Live. If you've been watching Intellivision's page on Facebook you've probably seen my posts on there. I got #2/200 :)

21-11-10, 02:46
Shame it's out of stock, I would order a copy!

21-11-10, 02:53
I've yet to receive mine. Anyone else have theirs yet?

21-11-10, 05:37
I just got my two yesterday so they are coming. It is well worth the wait :)