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07-10-10, 08:35

I'm a new listener from St. Louis, 39 yrs old. I grew up with all these games, like many of you, and I still can't get enough of them! Love classic gaming and I'm a junkie for books, podcasts, movies etc. about my favorite hobby. I got turned on to this podcast at CGE in Las Vegas, and I've listened to all the old shows and am now up to date, so I thought I'd take a minute to come up for air and say "hi" to all of you!!

07-10-10, 08:37
Cool, glad you like it, the more we hear from our listeners the better a show we can do. You headed back to CGE next time? We certainly are.

07-10-10, 08:38
Hey Elviticus -

Thanks for listening and also for joining the forums. Hope you stick around and glad you are enjoying our show.


07-10-10, 10:59
Hi Elviticus!
Hope to see you in Vegas next year - a new drinking/gaming partner to join us at CGE would always be welcome!

Enjoy the forums.

08-10-10, 05:21
Its great to see this show getting new listeners all the time. Its definetly the best retro gaming show on the net indeed. Would be awsome for the team to do a one off video show for christmas!
Im listening to ep21, ive almost caught up! i may even go back as there is so much to take in!

08-10-10, 07:08
RoundUp 15 is a joy to behold the second time around. It begins a slow but discernible decline into chaos and eventually makes it there.

I hear new gags and one liners each time I hear it. I generally don't listen to our shows more than once following release, as by the time they hit I have heard them multiple times, but that number 15 man, it's a doozie as they say in Omaha.

09-10-10, 01:30
Welcome to the forums! It seems a lot of listeners are joining as of late, and I'm glad to see the site growing.