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06-10-10, 09:47
I thought I'd give this a try since this and Daggerfall are freeware (http://www.elderscrolls.com/downloads/downloads_games.htm). And so far, it's pretty amazing how much game they were able to stuff into 10MB.

I found a package someone put together based off of the CD version of the game that's similar to what GOG.com does with their DOS games bundling it with DOSBox and patches, manuals, etc etc here (http://theelderscrolls.wiwiland.net/?title=Arena_:_ArenaSetup_EN) (there's also a similar one for Daggerfall) ...

Does anyone remember playing this game back in the day though? And is it just me or is this game brutally difficult to get into at first? I find myself getting killed off every time I go to grind away at my character to get him past level 4. Even though I've done all the typical RPG business and decked him out with armor and weapons and whatnot. I'm kinda getting into it, I just don't know if I'm missing something with the combat.

For what it's worth, my character is a level 4 Redguard Warrior decked out in all Plate armor with a broadsword.