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04-10-10, 06:31
Hey, all, check this out (and forgive me if it's a repost).
Here is a show-and-tell of of Psygnosis box art from the 80's. You could almost argue that computer game box art is like Album artwork in that there used to be so much more effort put into the design and feel of it - now they all just look like shitty movie posters and advertisements.

http://www.stanford.edu/group/htgg/cgi-bin/drupal/?q=node/435 (http://www.stanford.edu/group/htgg/cgi-bin/drupal/?q=node/435)

04-10-10, 06:47
Psygnosis box art was the best - it made every game look so freaking cool (and most of their stuff was). Thanks for the link.

04-10-10, 07:02
I would sell a kidney to snag one of the pack-in t-shirts they gave with those - seems like they even had a Shadow of the Beast one in the box there. Some lucky intern probably snagged it and is knee-deep in coed trim just because of it.