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03-10-10, 02:25
I came across an article in Video Games Magazine, Feb 1984 talking about an arcade game called Bouncer where you controlled a Bouncer in a bar (via a trackball) and moved around the bar floor and removing undesirable charactors before they bother other bar-going patrons. This company was Entertainment Sciences located in Huntington Beach, CA. This intrigued me so much as to Google the games title and I discovered that someone else had already devoted a whole website to this game and one other game, Turbo Sub created (but never released) from Entertainment Sciences, http://www.turbosub.com.

Check it out. I love stories like this. There is never a shortage of things to discover in this hobby :PAC

03-10-10, 02:44
That boardset must have cost a fortune compared to most on the market.

04-10-10, 06:13
The other, darker side of 'Tapper'. Looks like a fun game, actually. There should be specific commands for 'insult', 'collar n' tail', and 'throw in dumpster'.

18-05-12, 05:40
We have video footage now of this elusive game. It was made here in Huntington Beach. I might try tracking down the folks responsible for this. They should start a Kickstarter campaign to fund the recreation of this game.