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02-10-10, 08:21
The big surprise this month we have been working on is our interview with Ted Dabney. Ted is the co founder of Atari, and co designer of Computer Space, the first production coin-op video game. Much of his story is left out of the record or greatly minimized when his name is mentioned. We are excited to be putting his story on record. In about a week you'll hear it from the man himself.

02-10-10, 10:16
Fantastic, can't wait to hear.

03-10-10, 12:19
In about a week? Is the October podcast coming out somewhere in the 10th-15th range? WOW thats early.

03-10-10, 03:32
Yes, the October show will hit early.

03-10-10, 06:11
Yes, the October show will hit early.

Good news! I haven't even finished the September episode.

Dave in Des Moines

04-10-10, 08:54
That’s great, looking forward to it. :)