View Full Version : Anyone good with VBasic in Visual Pinball?

29-09-10, 11:22
I'm wondering if any of you good Game Gavel folks are experts when it comes to hacking the Visual Basic files of Visual Pinball. (I don't see an emulation forum so I figured I would post it in the Pinball forum)

I'd like to be able to exit to the main menu in Visual Pinball (I have version 8) by hitting a button on my X Arcade controller that corresponds to the ASCII letter o (which translates to code 24). I read online for hints on how to accomplish this and found a really good description here http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=5241&pid=36940&mode=threaded&show=&st=0

In his case, he defines how to make the letter "p" do the same thing (code 25) so I followed his decription but it does not work.
I did find the following entries in wpc.vbs

Case RightTiltKey vpmNudge.DoNudge 285,2
Case CenterTiltKey vpmNudge.DoNudge 0,2
Case Else vpmKeyDown = False

and as he mentioned I did add Case 24 (since I am going for o not p) Quitplayer 2 in that same spot in the file and saved it. I then played a Williams table (because from what I gather wpc.vbs is for Williams tables) but when I hit the letter o nothing happened.

I then put exactly what he mentions in and loaded the table and hit p but still nothing happened.

A friend of mine who knows Visual Basic better than me says the script needs to define Quitplayer 2 somewhere before this will work. I can't find any documentation on how to do that.

Any of you guys done any adjustments like this? Got recommendations?