View Full Version : Pinball coffee table ... sacrilege?

29-09-10, 01:52
Hi folks, I'm new to the forum.

I figured I'd like to get the Game Gavel community's opinion on something I posted elsewhere.

I'm sure there have been posts about this before as I have seen a lot of online people who have hacked "an old machine" into a table but I'm curious if there is a point where the collecting world would say that, providing a machine is so far beyond any resurrection, it might be deemed acceptable to turn it into a table.
What do you guys think?


29-09-10, 01:56
I personally wouldn't take it as sacrilege ... you could probably just take the playfield right out of the coffee table and stick it right back into the pinball cabinet. Of course, I've never worked on one before, so I don't know how "doable" that would be. heh

Kinda neat regardless.

29-09-10, 02:07
I say OK if the original table is unrecoverable. However, if a restoration is feasable, I'd do a restore.

29-09-10, 03:15
A fellow space ops guy and pinball collector built one that tuned out really nice.


04-10-10, 06:22
I think it's pretty damn cool. The next logical step is, obviously, to design one that still functions as a pinball. Scott, I think that ones alllll you.