View Full Version : East coast auction details posted

26-09-10, 01:45
Auction game sales has posted their auction flyer for the upcoming arcade auction in Baltimore. I have been attending this one for over a decade and highly recommend it. They usually have between 700~1100 items up for auction and usually a wealth of classics as well. Pins, vids, slots, vending, air hockey, jukes etc.


Mark Davis takes down the prices that games sell for and posts them on his site, he gets a pretty good sample of pins and vids so you can get a general idea of what is there and what it sells for. This is a list from 2007, the 97 at the top is not the year it is Mark's 97th auction.


I will be there buying games and covering the event for RGRUP, hope to see you there!

06-10-10, 03:49
Ok, with auction arriving this Saturday it was time to prepare. Going to auction is much better when you have the right gear and game plan. Expect an auction how to and review segment on the show soon. I have talked about it before but I think it deserves revisiting.

My packing list:

100 ft light rope
4 ratchet straps
1 roll duct tape
flashlight (for looking into games through the coin door etc.)
tool kit; wrenches, sockets, screwdriver, security bits etc. (breaking down games for transport)
tokens and quarters (while most games are open to coin up, some aren't)
extension cord (most important auction item)
cash (you get a 3% discount for paying with cash
note pad and pen (mark down item numbers and locations)
borescope (really optional but so cool for inspecting sealed up games through air vents)
handcart (optional, most places will load for you (bring tip money) but loading yourself is faster